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Smart Indo Data is a solution for the company who need to increase their man-power productivity. There was Smart, Fast Simple HR, HRIS, HRMS and Payroll software application that will help company to manage the Manpower database, Manpower Recruitment, Attendance Management, Payroll, Workflow approval, Employee Self service, and Canteen Management. Our product includes all-in-one solutions in a single package.


Workflow approval is adapted to business environment. Administrator can choose how many approval levels will be set.

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Administrator can create the group for administrator access and also for portal as employee self-service. It is more secure to access website.


Smart Indo Data platform was developed from web base technology, the platform was designed to be compatible with the cloud technology. 

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About Us

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About Us

2009 – Starting from 2009 we established with a focus on selling services and solutions in the field of Information Technology. To meet all the needs of our customers always remain fix and make breakthroughs in the field of Information Technology.

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Why Choose Us?

Expert & User Friendly

We are expert in IT fields and application development over than 10 years. And within user friendly service.

More features less price

Comes with full module/features without any additional cost. Not like other competitor to charges for any single module/feature.

Smart, Fast & Simple Apps

Improve company business by utilize all feature using smart, fast, and simple application.


Using shelf service portal for employee, makes your employee more easy to apply the approval.